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Humour Workshop Laugh4Life©


Private comedy coaching

'Every time you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing’ Mother Teresa


Laugh4life seminar is written and presented by myself and it has been developed over a 4 year period.

Who is Laugh4Life aimed at?


  • Business and the corporate sectors

  • Charity organisations

  • Young adults


After dinner speaking engagements, corporate events & training, schools, community groups and churches.

This seminar explores the role of comedy to create wellbeing, mental health, improve daily life, productivity and creativity. 

It is optional for the course to end with a performance of comedy skills the participants have attained. 

What are the scientific and psychological benefits of humour? 

Why is humour important to everyday life?


Humour can relieve tension in difficult situations

Help a person overcome fear, worry and stress

Lessen sick days and improve quality of daily life

Unite a group of people and build lasting bonds

Increase focus and creativity - learn how.

*all tutoring comes with full powerpoint and handouts 

*clients time requirements are always met.

* Private Comedy Coaching


Are you new on the comedy scene? Do you just love humour?


Why not develop your comedy writing skills or performance technique?

... start the conversation and get in touch to develop your skill set with me.

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‘Very useful and a great opportunity to think about the role of humour especially in dealing with practical problems’

Peter Watson, Head of Management Information Citizen’s Advice

clients include

Bruce House Community Centre

I teach the 'Laugh 4 Life' comedy workshop there, along with tutoring various newish comedians one on one, looking at their writing skills and performance. Clip Below 


East of Eden PR

Christmas Party seminar with stand-up 

The Cornerstone Partnership

Motivational talk for social workers as part of their training day at Kensington Town Hall

The Roundhouse - Young people confidence training/wellbeing group


De Montfort Hall University. Leicester

Part of the Leicester Comedy Festival

Discussion and talks on ethical comedy – I talk on the role of the comedian to educate

Laugh 4 Life Wear your FUN
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