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Is family important?

Family I believe is whatever we define it to be, but what is family about in the modern ever changing world? A�We live in a world that encourages us to complain about everything, if we dona��t like an item then take it back to the shop and get a full refund. But can you do that to your parents if you don't like them? Tell them to 'Pack up their Nectar points A�and move on!

I think it is imperative to remember that no matter what you think of your mum and dad they are just older children, people who have been around a lot longer than you.A� Also we all have skills and talents and there is an age when you have to celebrate the wonderful things about your folks as that will carry you through the things that you may never like or understand about them.A� I was adopted and never knew my natural parents, so for me despite all of life's problems I am so grateful to have some wonderful people who chose to adopt me no matter what.

My dad is an accountant could I do his job? As a stand up comedian can I do taxation? If you asked me to do your tax I would try but end up making up a a�?taxation song and matching cushiona�� yep sod the tax leta��s do something really creative with the tax form itselfa��a��A� I used to hate it that my parents were not a�?showbiza�� types, but now I love it! Imagine if the whole world was like mea�� OMG!A� Differences are wonderful if you can see them and apprechiate them. A�Instead of wishing what we think we need it is wise to celebrate and make the most of what we already have.

Learning to love the things that you love about someone always helps you get through the inevitable disagreements that life will always throw in your face.A� No one is perfect and no one likes being told continually about their short falls.A� So dona��t just celebrate mothers or fathers day, I would encourage you to love them more, make occasions to tell them, show them and really go out of your way to devise things they will love!A� When you love people it is amazing how people never really seem that bad after all!A� And if you really dona��t get on with your parents then choosing to forgive and do what you can will set you free.

So why not celebrate your family whatever shape you define it as being.A� If your parents are passed adopt a fabulous older person and make them your family? A�If you wanted a sister find a close friend and make them your sister!A� Dig deep and define your family and buck the lonely trend that 21<sup>st</sup>A�century living is making us into.

Celebrate what you have today as part of being fabulous is about your ability to bless others and expect nothing in return.A� Giving to get is so very limiting, so give and keep on giving and see how your life starts to shine in areas that were a little dimly lit.A� Look out to love, serve and dona��t let negative situations, people or circumstance ruin your relationships.A� Friendships rule! So be friendly and look beyond race, age, gender, class and see how far you can extend your family line.

Don't just look to your family tree why not step into a few other gardens as well and create a huge garden full of the joy of people :-)

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