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TV appearances

Over the years I have had the pleasure of being a social commentator and specialist in the areas of race, comedy, news reviews, adoption and children's issues.  Here is a small selection of the work and clips, but for a more detailed bio please do get in contact.  


BBC News24 overseas adoption interview with Jane Hill and Dr John Simmonds from CoramBAAF, following more issues with overseas adoption clip above


BBC World News ‘Focus on Africa’ I was asked to discuss my personal adoption story and adoption advocacy work clip above


BBC Breakfast, discussion on the new adoption legislative changes with Ian Holmes from BAAF, now CoramBAAF clip above


ITV News, I was interviewed by Nina Nannar about the celebrity 'Cherry picking' of children debate, and other issues. Interestingly, Nina is also from my home town of Scunthorpe in Lincolnshire! - We chatted off camera about our love of chips!

clip above

Channel 4 News ‘WT4’ North VS South. Current news debate with broadcaster Jon Snow with special guests MP Jacob Rees-Mogg and myself. I had the pleasure of a heated debate with Jacob, he invited me to Parliament to discuss adoption, race and cultural issues. We are still friends today! 


Channel 4 News with Jon Snow discussion on the changes to adoption legislation clip above


Channel 4, 4Thought ‘Does Charity Work?’ 7 minutes when I discuss my concerns about giving.


Newsnight discussing UK race issues, are the spiralling out of control? and the then Jade Goody and Shilpa Shetty massive debate at the time from Big Brother about racism. I said it like it is. clip above


SKY News The Tommy Cooper Story’ Wonderful opportunity for me to speak about this comedy legend. clip above


Sky News ‘Are we a nation of moaners?’ Quite frankly YES! Who doesn't like a good moan about the weather. clip above


SKY News ‘Overseas Adoption’ and the Madonna adoption debate. Will this ever stop?! clip above




I am a regular guest on all the mentioned stations

LBC The Nick Ferrari Show


I joined Nick to discuss the funniest joke of the Edinburgh Fringe as it offended the mental health community.


I joined Nick to discuss the recent comedy row as Melbourne Comedy Festival drops Barry Humphries following a transgender joke row. clip above


I joined Nick to discuss Harrow Council and the young adoptee to lesbian parents over extended family crisis.

LBC The Iain Dale Drive Time Show


I joined Iain to discuss Jesy Nelson and her new dread-lock look that some are calling racist.


I joined Iain to discuss Boris Johnson and the Burkha Row, is it racist?


Then I was Interviewed about Geoff Boycott and his racist comments. clip above

BBC Shows

BBC London OS – I joined a panel to discuss ‘Oscars and diversity’, what has changed since 2017? clip above


BBC World Service Radio ‘Outsource’, interview with Kira Fomenko discussing a moving Canadian adoption story that went viral and my own experiences. clip above


BBC World Service ‘Newshour’, I went on to discuss the new adoption laws clip above


BBC World News ‘Focus on Africa’ Interview on overseas adoption issues clip above

BBC5 Live – interview about Sikh adoption case clip above


BBC 5Live – I joined the drive time team to discuss Madonna’s recent overseas adoption

BBC Radio London 94.9FM


Eddie Nestor show discussion on the Daily Mail article on the expense of being single, stuff costs more! clip above


The Jo and Simon Breakfast Show’ comedy interview about my new show ‘Comedy Notes’ at the Rosewood Hotel, London.

clip above


Niki Bedi Show, discussion on being a woman. yep. clip above


The Gabby Roslin Show


The Jo Good Show clip above


Dotun Adebayo Show, some topics I discussed included;


Did President Obama sell out to Black culture?

Air China and ethnic minorities insult

Does Black activism have a role in society?

The EU Pamphlet and should we stay or leave?

BBC Radio London, The Late Show with Jumoke Fashola


BBC Radio Scotland, on The Truth is Never Black or White. Discussion of fostering and adoption.

Christian Radio Channels

Premier Gospel


Premier Christian Radio clip above

Interview about my faith, and comedy work 



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